A practising toy designer and researcher of childhood through toys and children’s material culture, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, with a B.des and with an MA in Child and Youth Culture Research at Tel Aviv University. He has been working for over a decade as a toy designer and consultant for big brands such as Rummikub, Taf Toys, Halilit, the Ruth Youth Wing in the Israel Museum- Jerusalem, Space IL, and private entrepreneurs in the local and international toy industry. His research on the material culture of children focuses on the role of toys and the processes for creating them in cultural construction and the ways toys reflect culture and society. His research intertwines methodologies of material culture research with his knowledge of the industrial toy industry.
Eiger has been teaching about toys and toy design at the Toy Invention Program (T.I.P) at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Ramat Gan, Israel, and in Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel.

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November 2019: Idollia, Atar - Old Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv- Jafaf, Israel.
July 2017: Other Animals, Tivon Gallery, Tivon, Israel.
May 2016: Loosing-Loos, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
March 2013: Mini Art, The Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel Aviv, Israel.
October 2011: Gwangju design Biennale 2011, Korea.
May 2011: Periscoptiva, Tel Aviv, Israel.
April 2011: “Thinking Hands”, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy.
February 2011: Toy Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel.
October 2010: Design Festival, Lodz, Poland.
May 2010: UDK, Berlin, Germany.